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Will Coffee Survive Climate Change?

Coffee Industry

While the average consumer thinking about which stylish reusable coffee cup to buy or bemoaning with latte levy at Starbucks and Costa Coffee, it seems there is a bigger coffee issue that we need to consider… Climate Change

Can the coffee bean survive climate change and will it become the new gold of the future as coffee as the climate collides?

So Does Climate Change
Threaten The Coffee Bean Industry. 

As the worlds climate change is rampaging uncontrolled through the world and Brazil, one of the major coffee bean producing countries is suffering too. With the demand for coffee increasing and land being decimated leaving it unsuitable for coffee growth we could find by 2025 we have a net shortfall of over 180 million bags of coffee.

While Australia has never had a massive reputation in the coffee world, it could be the saving force in this global coffee problem. Currently, testing of 20 new varieties of coffee bean that is said to be resistant to climate change and will thrive in challenging conditions. This is great news for the coffee industry and could prove to be the much-needed solution, but will require other areas to come on board and use these climate change resistant beans to develop coffee crops in other locations. If this problem can be solved successfully, we can avoid a situation where globally we face a coffee shortage and prices creep up and up, bringing the value of coffee inline with gold.

Picking the Perfect Bean. 


While there are endless options, blends and roasting on the market and we are truly spoilt for choice and confused at the same time. With climate coffee change on the horizon, this might mean that coffee suppliers will have to make changes to their bean of choice and blends, however, here at So Pure, we are continually striving to bring the best coffee to our customers which is why Our Swiss Brewer offers that flexibility and precision, allowing each coffee machine to get the most out of any bean with engineering each grind. Which is why So Pure defined and created the ‘So Pure Essenza Three Roast Coffee Bean’ our roasted bean of choice, which is unique.

A fully washed bean, fermented after being picked when perfectly ripe. It is then laid to rest in the sun to dry creating a sweet fruity flavour and roasted in our factory in traditional Probat drums allowing the full flavours to increase. Essenza is blended from 25%. Robusta Coffee Bean and 75% Arabica Coffee Bean from Brazil, Bean bag image So Pure being aware of climate change issues means we are already on the ball and looking for alternatives with the likes of a Arabica variation that contain Robusta genetics “ARABUSTA” an Ivory Coast’s coffee bean.

“The arabusta is a high-quality blend,” said Andre Braud-Mensah, founder of the Ivoryblue “It has the strength

of the robusta

but also the lightness 

& floral taste

of the arabica.”

Although roasted bean is our choice and remains favourite, So Pure always searching for alternative drinking options for our coffee machines while So Pure’s bean to cup, barista and instant coffee machines offer sublime flavors and hot drinks, alternative options like  ‘Cafeido’ a 100% concentrated ambient liquid coffee offers the taste buds the rich flavours and coffee textures but as liquid coffee. Launched in 2018 with the Platinum Liquid coffee machine, defined to capture those high capacity drinking environments such hotels, exhibitions or conference venues, dispensing beverages non-stop creating a truly “on-demand” coffee machine solution, The Platinum Liquid with Cafeido ambient liquid coffee offers minimal service, maintenance, and ZERO coffee waste. So Pure’s concentrated ambient liquid coffee makes it easy to use and maintain your coffee machine with all the rich aromas of our bean to cup coffee machine. So Pure concentrated ambient liquid coffee suits an alternative option and 100% rainforest alliance as we take our responsibility for climate change very seriously as one of the UK’s leading coffee machine suppliers.


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