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Table Top TFT Screen Technology

Coffee machine TFT digital screen's don't have to be complicated or expensive, you've invested into state of art robust quality So Pure table top coffee machine delivering amazing Espressos, so time to take even more advantage of your drinkers with live streaming content. From our deadicated TFT media online portal delivering graphics and video direct to your So Pure table top coffee machine comes the next evolution of OOH (out of home) screen media for your So Pure table top coffee machine and our customers environment ‘Pure Screen’.

Pure Screen offers live/direct streaming media content direct to your coffee machine screen, targeting your customers and audience direct seamlessly. Pure Stream’s digital service offers all possible drinking destinations and industries the possibility to embrace digital content and enhance their marketing, it’s not just for breakfast bars, coffee shops or hotel lobby’s. Whether thats one location within a busy reception, office kitchen or transport coffee lounge to large business offices with multiple floor in the heart of London Bridge or Manchester with break out pods, requiring continuity of marketing graphics and the latest social and news quickly, Pure Screen delivers that media with that perfect espresso, targeting your your drinking audience.

Simple Content Management

PURE STREAM AllOWS YOU TO display live media fast and easy via ourcloud content management system optimizes your graphics and streams. Pick what time of the day and week your content is displayed, drag and drop content to create playlists and schedules from anywhere in the world.

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PURE STREAM apps makes SCREEN content live and easy With 70+ apps like Slack, Google, Dropbox, Klipfolio, Microsoft, BBC News,Zendesk, Zoho and to name a few, it’s simple to craft your media to drinkers.

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