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How Water Affects Coffee Taste & Quality


The art of brewing a great Coffee largely depends on the perfect balance of quality beans, expert baristas and that perfect grind. For years So Pure have been defining, perfecting and refining that balance from Swiss brewer technology with our Bean to Cup Coffee machines to the 100% Stainless steel Barista Coffee machines.

However, with all these elements in place, there is one factor that is often overlooked. Water!

With so many new clients visiting the So Pure showroom and investing or updating there Beverage and Coffee points with So Pure drinking solutions, from Office Coffee machines to national HORECA hotel chains Coffee solutions, we finding more and more the lack of guidance and advice clients where previous provide when it comes to direct water mains and “We thought it would be fine”

With Coffee machines using standard tap water offering ease and solutions, this can create a varied sensory experience from one day to the next. The reason for this is due to the hardness or softness of the water across the country. Water quality can also be affected by seasonal fluctuations and mineral deposits which change the flavour and intensity of the Coffee, Which is why for years we believed and offered the best in water filtration and technology and always use and suggest BRITA 

As highlighted by BRITA, the hot beverages sector is rapidly changing. Interest in Coffee has increased significantly, and over half of consumers say the taste of Coffee would make them choose to visit one café over another. Consumers have not just taken an interest in Coffee over the past few years; they are also more educated on the quality and expectation of the perfect brew. With these consumer changes flowing down into workplace and office Coffee the effect for that perfect Coffee break matters.

So as the UK high-street has seen a 48% rise in the number of cafes, it’s ever-more important to stand out in this competitive Coffee market. With a simple change to the water used in your So Pure office bean to cup, instant Coffee machine to that barista Coffee machine, you will ensure delivery of a delicious cup of’ Joe every time and create an even more creamy smooth hot chocolate moment.

To understand the ways water can affect Coffee taste, take a look at some of the main factors below:

Tap Vs Filtered Water

It will come as no surprise that water from the tap tastes different from filtered water. As mentioned above, tap water has a number of minerals, which affect the flavour. Seasonal and regional factors are the main causes of the difference, and depending on the compounds found locally, you might experience different tastes from the same batch of beans. Alternatively, filtered water removes these impurities and offers a clean taste to every cup. Which is one reason we choose 100% stainless steel Barista Coffee machines the Evolution and Eva offer clean water diffusion and zero migration before a filtered system applied.

Understanding Hard And Soft Water Areas

Water makes up 98% of Coffee so it’s vital to determine how the hardness of the water in your area may affect your consumer’s experience. This UK Water Map by BRITA displays the type of minerals in different locations that will change the taste. Mineral compounds vary greatly across the country. For example, Edinburgh has minimal chalk content in the soil, so the water is very soft. Whereas Dover has a hard water rating due to the local underground chalk and gravel aquifers. So Pure understands when installing Coffee machines within UK and our on-site technical team are always keen on offering support making sure every drink created is amazing.

UK Hard And Soft Water Areas Map

Uk Water map for the best So Pure coffee machine use BRITA
Source: BRITA


The carbonate hardness (dKH) scale is a way of measuring the levels of bicarbonates.The higher your dKH, the harder the water.
Soft water 1
Hard water 17

As the regional variance can have a significant impact on the quality of Coffee and hot beverages, testing the water is an essential step to optimising your products. The test is simple and not only enables your company to produce great tasting Coffee; it’ll also help prevent mineral build-up in your Coffee machine.

Ideal Coffee Brewing Temperature

The best way to prepare Coffee includes heating the water to the perfect temperature. If the water is not hot enough, it won’t extract the flavour fully. However, if it’s boiled too high, it’ll burn the Coffee producing a bitter, metallic taste. The optimum level sits around 91 to 96 degrees Celsius. By choosing a So Pure Coffee machine, the in-cup temperature is always achieved to ensure a delicious and smooth flavour.

Reducing Damage To Your Coffee Machine

Using tap water in a hard water area will start to cause a build-up of scale in your Coffee machine. This not only affects the taste of each cup, but it could also create costly maintenance, repair charges or potential downtime. While buying a cheaper Coffee machine might seem a cost-effective route, but the build-up of scale, limescale deposits and hard water are the doom of any low quality internal plastic parts or Thermoblocks with Coffee machines
Which is why So Pure only uses stainless steel inserts within our Thermoblocks, creating healthy, cleaner water and long-lasting components.

When it comes to water and water technology opting for filtered water protects the machine from limescale deposits and improves the aroma and taste of the Coffee.

Innovative Barista Technology To Create The Perfect Cup

The quality of your Coffee machine is critical for producing a unique consumer experience. To deliver consistently good Coffee choosing a So Pure barista machine that complements your brand ethos is vital in the competitive landscape.

From bean to brew, So Pure has crafted a selection of innovative machine options that suit a range of workspaces. Alongside precision equipment, So Pure’s commitment to quality is accompanied by always advising on using a BRITA water filter system. This partnership ensures the best experience for barista and consumer and So Pures Coffee machines. Plus supports the development and innovation of new products for your hospitality business.


Source and reference: BRITA
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