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Coffee Health Wellbeing and The Facts


If you’re one of many with a So Pure coffee machine or coffee drinker and love the taste, you are not alone. Across the world, millions of people cannot start the day without their favourite Coffee.

However, how many times have we been told to cut down on the amount of coffee we drink? Especially if you are training and getting fit, with so many New year resolutions started sometimes the information can be misleading and there’s actually a lot of health benefits available from Coffee, in moderation of course.

Can Help You Live Longer

International Agency for Research on Cancer in Lyon, has produced a study thought to be the largest ever, that followed over 500,000 people across Europe for over 16 years, results showed that the coffee drinkers experienced better health, from their circulatory system to their livers than those that did not. Overall the information pointed to the fact that coffee drinkers will live longer lives and enjoy a reduced risk of death, no matter what the cause might be.

“Higher coffee consumption was associated with a reduced risk of death from any cause”

While over-consumption can cause issues as caffeine is a potent stimulant, the researchers were happy to confirm that a few cups a day will actually do you more good than harm. Basically, coffee good, when used in moderation, can actually boost the metabolism and lead to numerous health benefits, so maybe its time you stopped those coffee runs and invested in a So Pure Coffee Machine.

Help Your Diet

We all want to get better results from our diets, so if the health benefits are not enough to convince you to grab a coffee or invest in  Professional Eva Coffee Machine before your morning workout, then perhaps mysportscience, a leading Exercise Physiologist and Sports Nutritionist study  shows carbohydrates work better with caffeine might be enough to send you running to a So Pure coffee machine. Coffee has been shown to markedly improve the absorption of carbs in the intestine which could aide performance and stamina when working out. This means that the absorption rate is slowed, giving you the fuel from the carbs to sustain a longer workout without feeling the drain as your resources start to run low. If you are training for that competitive edge then this could be the best way to get that edge you want to find before the big day.

So Pure Eva coffee machine, barista small coffee machine
So Pure Eva, barista small coffee machine


And Your Gym

So if you are headed to the gym, you might want to consider your coffee intake, which can be a real drag if you are headed in first thing in the morning or straight after work. Luckily with the research into the benefits of coffee on your health and fitness, the demand for So Pure beverage machines and So Pure Drink Centers with there  Borg & Overstrom Boste countertop water dispensers in the gym has increased.

As more gym owners realise the benefits, it makes sense to have a So Pure Coffee Machine on hand for their gym clients. The Platinum Espresso Ice White Coffee Machine is a popular choice offering a stunning Ice white frontage, with Brita water filter systems and full glass touch door & TFT Screen for ease of use. With a good selection of drinks from black coffee to decaf latte and many more, it is easy to see why this is the first choice for many gyms across the UK.



Not only is the quality of the Swiss brewer amazing, but the stunning screen can be customised to enable your fitness centre to video content and graphics. The Platinum Espresso Surface or Noir Espresso Surface offer additional features from video streaming live transport information from train to airport, BBC and Sky news and much more for that extra marketing touch using So Pure’s new live streaming media system Pure Stream


To discover more about the benefits of a  So Pure Coffee machine or thinking of improving your gym or fitness centre with a coffee machine, which caters for your clients and offers an amazing coffee. Contact us to arrange a showroom visit and see for yourself the reasons why so many customers choose So Pure coffee machines

Source and reference: Catherine Zuckerman  National Geographic.
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