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Understanding Microfoam, Milk And Coffee Machines

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So what really is Microfoam?
Is it the real Barista cappuccino deal within automatic tabletop coffee machines?
Or just pre-dry foam look-alike foam froth.

Across the UK, offices, coffee workspaces, floor-standing coffee solutions to hotel breakfast lounges bean to cup coffee machines suggest a barista drinking experience, but the truth is, do they? Not all bean to cup tabletop coffee machines are equal, nor offer those drink choices and velvet textures you should except.

So Pure’s years of experience crafting the perfect espresso coffee with the finest granulated milk which blends harmoniously with So Pure’s Swiss brewer within our bean to cup espresso coffee machines have created those velvet textures which is hard to taste the difference between fresh milk with defining calibration yet still its never Microfoam. But with the launch of the So Pure’s fresh milk dedicated Coffee machine option, changes all and offers a unique fresh milk tabletop barista experience option using the latest milk foam temperature control technology.

So What Is Microfoam?

Microfoam is that fine-textured heated milk, used for making espresso-based coffee drinks like Cappuccino’s and Flat White’s, particularly used with latte art. Typically created made with the heated steam from a Barista espresso machine, which pumps steam into a pitcher of milk and makes those amazing classic noises we all know.

So the opposite of microfoam is macrofoam (also called dry foam, in contrast to the wet foam of microfoam), which has visibly large bubbles.

Creating microfoam is defined by the heated steam within the milk and overheating milk leads to more air in your milk, which consequently less velvety milk. It’s this microfoam that allows traditional steam machines and baristas to pour a balanced and even coffee, with there coffee art.

Remember foamed milk AKA frothed milk follows the same concept except when you steam milk, you inject a lot more air, which gives the milk a light bubbly texture, so when you get a coffee that’s full of foam and no coffee, yes we’ve all been there and paid for a cup of air that’s foamed milk.

So Pure’s Fresh Milk Ivory double high-end heater system heats the milk foam with a unique thick film technology via FTH (Flow-Through Heater), so you always have 100% complete control over the temperature of the milk foam creating a velvety smooth texture and not wet and ‘soggy’ milk

Understanding Milk Temperature
As it does really matter.

Milk temperature is the most important factor to consider when creating that perfect coffee in texture, flavor, and density. Creating the right milk temperature is subject to your milk used, whether it’s plant-based milk like Oak milk or Soy milk to traditional fresh dairy milk, which contains more fat and requires longer to heat. This is why our new fresh milk table top coffee machine  ‘So Pure Fresh Milk Ivory’ has been designed with 16 foaming options, allowing your milk to be perfectly heated while preserving texture and define that perfect Microfoam.

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