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Covid-19 Coffee Machine Digital Screen Solutions.

Thinking of reopening the office and worried about  Coronavirus / Covid-19, allowing staff to use the coffee machines, the message is simple… it’s NOT gone away, so let’s keep the NHS safe and increase this important message to staff and coffee machine drinkers.

So Pure Coffee machine TFT video screens and Pure Stream offers the perfect marketing platform to deliver any message from graphics to full video and in this unknowing climate of  Coronavirus, it’s even more important to provide a business Covid-19 awareness message and duty of care to all.

And what better way, but within commercial coffee machines drinking destinations and the  So Pure TFT screen platform allows that. Update graphics messages and reminders at any time of the day and from any location, even if your working from home using Pure Stream, your coffee machines graphics, can be updated in seconds. Or alternatively, use our So Pure’s Online Digital Portal offering you the ability to define and create new Coronavirus / Covid-19 awareness graphics with your current graphics and export them ready to upload via USB.

With many So Pure TFT coffee machines like the So Pure Noir Espresso Surface and Platinum Espresso Glass Touch within drinking destinations across the UK which are beginning to consider reopening So Pure will be releasing additional resources via email, for our TFT screen coffee machine to support the NHS and combating the Coronavirus.

Using the amazing TFT crystal clear screens with So Pure’s Coffee machines with the NHS Coronavirus British Sign Language video. Capturing the key NHS message across all visual media including sign language offers a unique vital marketing tool with amazing coffee and hot beverages.

Upgrading Your So Pure Coffee Machine Screen.

If you are considering upgrading your current So Pure coffee machine screen allowing TFT video capabilities or Pure Stream, please contact So Pure direct to discuss this option.

Find out more about So Pure’s Coffee Machines And Our TFT Screens.

Contact So Pure today and discover the benefits of TFT screens within ou bean to cup tabletop coffee machine.


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