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If you lucky enough to receive our sample of the forthcoming So Pure Reusable Coffee Cup you would know So Pure’s proactiveness in removing plastic. It’s estimated that 2.5bn takeaway coffee cups are thrown away every year in the UK, that’s why of the years of coffee machines production, So Pure has always tended to use long term sustainable coffee machine components offering longevity while reducing plastic.

With the environment on all our customer’s minds and office life has returned about to the norm, So Pure’s been looking at the best of best in reusable coffee cups, which works, captures our coffee machines and there large 12oz cup capability. Always keen to offer solutions and thoughts to what works best in the busy world of office coffee life and regular day to day takeaway coffee breaks.


Leakproof Coffee Cup
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Its truly the best leakproof coffee cup on the market, stylish and cleverly engineered to avoid any leakages, its simply push down release button, sip away, and push back down for an airtight seal keeping triple-walled, vacuum-insulated it always hot. If you have not got one… it’s something for the Santa wish list or not before.

Frankgreen Coffee cup, So Pure coffee machine reviews


Recycled And Reusable Cup
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Recyclable and actually recycled. The world’s first reusable coffee cup made from used paper cups. designed for 360° drinking so you never need to check where to drink from and, best of all, you get the full coffee aroma with every sip and the whole cup is 100% recyclable.

Rcup Coffee cup, So Pure coffee machine reviews


For The Coffee Dropper.
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If you are a coffee dropper the Bru is built to last, and perfect 12oz (340ml) capacity and fits all even the So Pure Compact it’s no taller than your usual takeaway coffee cup, Shatter-proof, Vacuum insulated and cheaper than other stainless steel options we found of Amazon. Not only well-insulated, but it also doesn’t create that ‘desk sweat’, so you’ll never have to deal with that desk puddle.

Bru Coffee cup, So Pure coffee machine reviews



Stylish City Coffee Drinker.
Available from:

It’s pure style… hand-crafted from borosilicate glass and medical grade silicone. Developed in collaboration with the world’s leading baristas – it’s sustainable and sleek. Certified non-toxic, antibacterial, 100% plastic-free, microwave & dishwasher safe. While it’s not the best option if you drop your coffee loads, its the perfect office coffee cup or coffee workstation glass, loads of sizes and colour options, and we love drinking out for them.

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