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Ivory Collection

Fresh Milk Coffee Machine Technology

The passion for So Pure perfection matters and only the pure combination of elements create the perfect Espresso. The So Pure Ivory truely combines all the elements, to define the next innovation in commercial microfoam milk Tabletop Espresso Coffee machines, which endorse the So Pure ethos of passion for traditional Espresso within our modern day lives.

The Ivory benefits from a robust construction both externally and internally, with a unique dual control heater system offering constant heat within the fraction of a second, coupled with a one touch automatic patented cleaning and rinsing system. The So Pure Ivory perfects real fresh milk foam, creating those true dense microfoam layers of fresh milk which we adore in our Espresso Coffees from the Latte Macchiato’s or Cappuccino’s. With rich deep endless barista milk foam at perfectly heated temperatures, no matter the milk type. Your Real Barista experience with convenience, speed and consistency has arrived.

SO Create Pure Microfoam Milk Perfection

So Pure

IVORY Collection


Designed with passion, So Pure's Ivory Fresh milk commercial Coffee machine collection offer dedicated temperature creating pure control to perfect heated milk and your microfoam with rich full-bodied milk foam barista textures, no matter the choice of milk: whole milk, soya milk, goat’s milk or oat milk. Foaming milk is one thing... microfoam is another. The Ivory temperature control allows the proteins of milk to truely create microfoam and the Ivory offers no less than 16 foam recipes which can be pre-programmed. From HORECA, OCS offices, boardroom receptions to first class coffee lounges those fresh milk Latte Macchiato’s or Cappuccino’s are created with convenience, speed and consistency.


  • PSSR Pressure Testing Not Required
  • Swiss Made Brew System (Preheated)
  • Constant Heating Stability
  • 2 Dual Flow Through Heaters
  • Touch Screen Drink Selection
  • Constant Heating Stability
  • 4 Litre Chilled Milk Container
  • Touch Screen Beverage Selection
  • 10 Milk Foaming Options For Up To 6 Different Milk Types
  • Dedicated User Friendly Automatic Milk Cleaning System
  • 4.3’’ Programmable Touch Screen
  • 4 Litre Chilled Milk Container
  • Unique Independent Temperature Controlled Drink Settings
  • High Quality Pump And Grinder
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